Noise at the Concerts

For the last several weeks, I have read several arguments regarding the Waterfront Concerts. This summer, the city of Bangor has received a record number of complaints regarding the noise levels of the concert-in particular, from the Mayhem Festival. Complaints are that the concerts are too loud. Other people say that because the concerts generate millions of dollars in revenue for the area that people should not be complaining for something that happens a few nights a summer. I am divided on this issue. On the one hand, the amount of money that Bangor is able to generate because of this series is a phenomenal amount of money. The concerts have put Bangor on the map. They will not, nor should they, go anywhere. This money will likely skyrocket with the Cross Center opening. Already, I have heard of several major acts with performances at the Center within months. An up-to-date facility will let acts come to Bangor during the winter months. But we shouldn’t ignore the people who live in the area who are unhappy with the noise levels. They are as much a part of the community as the people who go to the concerts.

I live in a town where the concerts are not able to be heard. One of my friends who lives closer to the waterfront and he actually likes being able to hear the music from his house. I can’t honestly say whether or not the people who are bothered by the music are exaggerating or not. I do believe some people are honestly upset by the noise levels. But I think it also has to do with the music. Several of the artists who perform at the Waterfront are known for their questionable lyrics. These artists include Lil Wayne and several artists who performed at the Mayhem Festival. But we cannot deny an artist to perform here because we disapprove of the music type. The only artist I can honestly say I am a fan of that came to the Waterfront Concerts this summer is Daughtry. I’ve liked their music for years and wish I could have gone to the concert. I’ll say it straight: I absolutely hate Lil Wayne. Never have been a fan. Never will be. I hate Kesha’s music too. She has a concert at the Waterfront later this summer. But, just because, I don’t enjoy their music, it doesn’t mean I don’t think, my friends shouldn’t have the opportunity to see them in concert.

Let’s just get straight to it. There is nothing we can do that will please everyone. No matter what we do, people will have issues with the noise from the concerts no matter what. I don’t particularly like the idea of putting a roof up at the waterfront. Every night is going to be different. No matter what happens, somebody is going to hear the concerts. I always thought that part of the idea of having a Waterfront series was to have artists be able to perform down by the water.  The answer shouldn’t be to ignore the problem. That won’t do us any favors. For now, the Waterfront series is winding down. Let’s just wait the season out and then spend the winter trying to work on a new solution.