Bangor Public Library

In a few hours, residents of Bangor will be deciding whether or not to approve a three million dollar for the Bangor Public Library. A staple of the community, the Library has fallen on hard times earlier this year and needs repairs that are estimated to be nine million dollars. Should the residents of Bangor agree to this bill, the property taxes will increase about twelve dollars per person.

I am not a resident of Bangor, living several miles from the bridge. But I love the library. I believe that this bill should pass. It makes sense. The Bangor Public Library has been one of the centerpieces of the downtown Bangor community for decades. It’s one of the few buildings downtown that truly makes the hazardous streets full of insane intersections worthwhile.

I remember that the library was one of the first places I ever visited when I moved to Maine. I fell in love with the building instantly. It’s been a part of my life for almost nine years. I still go there. I would go to the library a lot after high school, if I did not want to be picked up at John Bapst. I didn’t do as much as I entered the higher grades because I liked hanging out with my friends but the library is still near and dear to my heart. I found books there have stuck with me to this day. I discovered Get Fuzzy, a popular comic strip, from anthologies at the library. There are other books and treasuries that stick with me too.

As I got older, I have found a deep appreciation for the architecture of the infrastructure, similar to my love of the architecture at Bapst. The library doesn’t look just like a library. It reminds me of a labyrinth, a maze, full of shelves and secrets. I sometimes find myself just walking around the building look at the designs of the doorways.


Think of everything the library has given us. Free computer labs and Wi-Fi. A chance to meet several authors from Maine. Two years ago, a copy of the original Declaration of Independence visited the library. The country’s most important historical document and you had the chance to be two feet away. Thousands of books. Free newspapers to read and keep up with every day. It’s not even a question.

The Library does so much to so many people. I remember going to my small-town library when I lived in California. I lived in a bigger town than Bangor but I can’t say I remember the library very much. It was a good library but the one here, is everything a library should be. Every person in the Bangor area has been affected by the library, whether they not it or not, indirectly or directly. Now, they need our help. There is no question. For all my Bangor friends, please vote YES to help the library. You owe them that much. Help them get their new roof.