50 Posts!

It’s been a few weeks since I posted so I will be very busy over the next several days updating this blog with new posts to keep my skills fresh going into the summer.

This is the fiftieth post I have written for the Bangor Daily News since I started blogging last March. It seems unreal to me that I have been able to do this. I had a small little blog in high school with Google. It was me going on and on about the John Bapst Crusaders sports teams, primarily the track and cross-country teams because those were the teams that my friends were on.

Over three thousand people have seen this blog and that is absolutely shocking to me. I started this blog to get experience with my journalism. Now, I’m halfway done with my degree and can’t wait to see what happens next. In the year and a bit since Campbell’s Corner began, I have made friends, lost friends, hired and promoted, worked on an election news team and so much more. It seems fitting that I should thank everybody who helped me along the way. To anybody who has been there this past year, thank you. To the wonderful bloggers at the Bangor Daily News, thank you. The past fifty posts were fun and I can’t wait to write fifty more.

Now, let’s talk about some other things for the time being that I will go much more in detail with over the next several days and likely several weeks. The summer movie season has begun. I need to get on it. I still need to see Iron Man 3 and I want to see the new Star Trek movie. I’m not a movie critic by any means and Joel Talks Movies does a better job than I can. Still, opinions always vary and it’s good to get other ideas out there. I’ll be posting a few reviews over the coming weeks and maybe a throwback to some underappreciated summer films, i.e., Super 8. In the sports world, many things are going on that are causing an unhealthy rise in my blood pressure. The Boston Bruins are going into playoff action and once again, I am up late screaming at my television. The Boston Red Sox have been a huge surprise to me this year. How the Red Sox pulled off one of their best Aprils in club history is a shock, but really it shouldn’t be. The reason behind the success of the Sox so far? Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz. More on that later. I’ll also talk about national politics and some local politics including this wonderful grading system. I know, everyone’s talked to death about this but I need to get my two cents in. So that’s that. Post Number 50 is nothing but a cop-out to my future blogging. So, keep reading the blog and comment below about what else I should talk about and let’s keep this ball rolling.