Tragedy in Boston

It is unthinkable to realize how much has happened in less than 24 hours. Yesterday started off so normally. I woke up. I ate breakfast and got ready for my college class. I went to my class and took notes. I went across town to my other school to rent some equipment to use for interviews later on that day. I watched some of the John Bapst-Hampden Academy exhibition game. Around 2:00 P.M., I went back over to my school to prepare for my interviews. Around 3:00, I saw the first headline on Yahoo. ‘Explosion at Boston Marathon.’ I groaned but didn’t think too much of it. About ten minutes later, another student came into the computer lab I was waiting in and said something about the explosion. We turned one of television sets to CNN and saw the pictures and the horrible site in Boston. Two explosions occurred almost simultaneously. Blood filled the streets and limbs were blown off victims. It was horrifying.  At some point early on, it dawned on me that I had friends who could likely be spectators at the race. My blood froze and I got really scared for my friends. I kept Facebook up all afternoon so I could get as much coverage as possible and to find out if all my friends were safe. I managed to get my interview done after an hour of watching the coverage. Then, I spent two hours watching the news trying to figure out what had happened. Luckily, all of my friends who live in Boston and the surrounding towns are safe. It is so scary to think that this could have happened. My friends are all lucky. This country is lucky that there were not more victims killed. At the time of this writing, 3 people have been killed and over one hundred people have been injured. It is times like these where we all need to stand together. There are no Democrats today. There are no Republicans. We are one nation. We are the United States and we will make sure that the people responsible for these atrocities will pay. Why can’t people go anywhere anymore without worrying about their own safety? My prayers will continue to be with the people of Boston as they continue to recover from this attack. But what I think we need to do is not go back to the way we were before. Every time a national tragedy occurs, we politicize it. Everyone says that they will stand together and then we are at each other’s throats. Not this time. I will stand with everyone who want to bring justice to the person or people responsible for these attacks. These attacks killed only 3 people. But we were lucky. It could have been so much worse. Boston, my prayers are with you.