Disability Treaty

Today, I  remember why I am glad to live in a state that has representatives in Congress who aren’t afraid to vote for what they feel is the best thing for their country. Not themselves. Not their party. Not their big-money donors. Many other states aren’t so lucky.

This week Congress’ actions have made me almost physically ill. Yesterday, Congress met during their ‘lame duck’ session. The ‘lame duck’ session occurs after the elections but before the inagurations. Yesterday, Congress met to vote on the Disability Treaty. The Disability Treaty-which is based off Former-President George H.W. Bush’s Americans with Disabilities Act-comes from the United Nations and has been ratified by over 100 countries. Several prominent Republicans, past and present, have voiced support for the bill including Arizona Senator John McCain. Former Republican Senator Majority Leader Bob Dole came back too. 89-years-old and in a wheelchair, Dole made the case for the Disability Treaty to pass. Critics, including Senator Rick Santorum, say that the treaty will override the American laws and limit a family’s involvement with a disabled child. This is not true. I read several articles regarding the Treaty. The Treaty ended up failing by a 61 (yea) 38 (nay) vote. The 38 votes were all Republicans, including Santorum, Florida’s Marco Rubio and . 8 Republicans voted with the Democrats, including Maine’s Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe. Two thirds majority are needed to pass a treaty according to the Constitution. Several of the Republicans who voted no are up for re-election in 2014. The United Nations is not popular with a lot of people right now due to the Benghazi fiasco. Several Republicans feared that this could hurt their campaigns in 2014. So they didn’t vote for America. They voted for their party. One Republican-Thad Cochran of Mississippi-even switched his vote from yes to no after he heard that the vote had already failed.

This is a message for you Seantors. This is absolutely the worst case of partisanship I have ever seen. There have been other issues that the country is much more split down the middle on. But this issue shouldn’t be controversial The oath that you take when you become a Senator is to protect the Constitution, to protect your people! How dare you put your party above your constituents. This Treaty would help the disabled and the veterans.

Can the Republicans who voted against this bill please explain to me why the party is more important than your constituents? The Republican Party is shooting itself in the foot with these outrageous acts. This Treaty is for the good of not the country, but the good of the world. Stop thinking of yourselves! One of the Republicans who voted no on this bill was Tom Coburn from Oklahoma? He was the same Senator who tried to block the 9/11 first responders bill two years ago. The Republican Party has changed over the years. The Republicans have become a laughing stock and they will continue to if they keep supporting people who will not think of the country.