Movies Fall 2012

In the upcoming weeks, several new movies will be coming out. Several of these movies I will be seeing. As a matter of fact, I plan of going to see ‘Argo’ with a friend later this week. I am looking forward to what should be a relaxing evening during this very busy semester. I have to say that the upcoming weeks will bring some highly anticipated movies. ‘Cloud Atlas’ is coming out on Friday. ‘Life of Pi’ is coming out in November. ‘Les Miserables’ is coming out on Christmas. ‘Lincoln’ will be in theaters in November as well. I have seen trailers for these movies. They all look amazing. They are all very different films. Two are based on two incredibly deep and different books. One is based on a president (three guesses which-and the first two don’t count) and the other one is based on a musical based from a book. These all look epic. All of them will be nominated for at least one Oscar. I can’t even begin to say how happy I am that these films are being made. I didn’t see my first full trailer of ‘Life of Pi’ until today. And I couldn’t stop watching and rewatching it. It drew my breath away. The colors. The visuals. The music. I checked out the book today and plan to read it over the coming weeks to get ready for what is being called by Time magazine as the greatest visual masterpiece since Avatar-yes. That Avatar. Cloud Atlas looks mind-blowing. I wish I could read the book before the movie starts. It has one of the greatest actors of my time in Tom Hanks. I am a big Hanks fan. I have enjoyed all of the movies I have seen him in. Even Larry Crowne. Regardless of how good Cloud Atlas ends up being, I will watch it with a smile on my face. Les Miserables looks beautiful. I have never seen a musical on a big screen before. It will be something I look forward to during my Christmas holidays. I have only ever heard of Les Miserables. I have heard “I Dreamed a Dream”-one of the songs that is being played throughout the trailer. The Les Miserables trailer makes a fan of films like me anticipate a movie I know nothing about. Lincoln. Where to begin? One of the single greatest casts of all time being led by one of the greatest directors of all time about one of the most important time periods in America’s history. Where can you go wrong? You can’t. This is going to be a great fall for films. Brilliant stories. Developed characters. I, for one, am going into the fall movie season with open arms.