Romney-Ryan RNC

As it’s the end of August, it seems fit to talk about what everyone else is talking about. That’s right, the monster trade the Red Sox performed with the Los Angeles Dodgers! Oh wait, that’s already been done to death….let’s talk about the Republican National Convention. But first, a little piece on the selection of Paul Ryan for the Vice President.

Mitt Romney is now the official nominee for the Republican Party. Securing well over the needed delegates, Romney will represent the Republicans this fall against President Barack Obama. Romney announced his vice-presidential pick a few weeks ago. The Wisconsin Tea Party favorite Paul Ryan will accept the nomination officially tonight. I have to say that Paul Ryan, while a better choice than Sarah Palin, will add to Romney’s campaign in a lot of ways. He adds youth. He adds excitement. He definitey adds the Tea Party Republcians who weren’t thrilled with Romney. However, Ryan gives Romney little to no help in bringing over disgruntled liberals, has a controversial plan for Medicare and has no foreign policy experience whatsoever. Was he a bad choice? No….you can’t really say that. Was he a good choice? You can’t really say that either. I think picking Ryan was like Obama picking Biden. It adds to what the campaign was lacking, in this case-youth, but will likely not have a major effect on the election. On to the convention…

This convention has been one for the record books. But not for all the right reasons. The convention was delayed by a day when Hurricane Issac decided to come to town. No major damage was done to Tampa but southern Louisiana will have major damage. This comes seven years after the catastrophic Hurricane Katrina. The convention also received major controversy when an African-American camerawoman from CNN had peanuts thrown at her from two of the attendees. The attendees were ejected for their behavior. Paul Ryan’s speech had a few lies and misleading notions. But he did get a few good jokes in there. The convention also had a few bright spots with speeches from major party members. Huckabee, Rice and Romney all gave powerful speeches. However, the biggest memory of this convention will likely be the “surprise” guest: Clint Eastwood. Eastwood’s speech was bizarre. Some loved it. Some were left confused. Clint spoke as if he was talking to and having a conversation with an “Invisible Obama.” It was one of those “you love it or hate it” speeches.

I think we all know that the election is going to be a close one this year. We say that every year. We also say every election year that this is one of the most important elections in our history. The United States is at a pivotal time. We all know that. The past four years have been difficult. We know that. The economy is still struggling. And I believe it will continue to struggle. It didn’t matter that Obama was elected. If McCain was elected, the economy would still be struggling. Why? Because it takes years to get back up when you fall so far. The Great Depression took over ten years to recover from. We’re on our way. What I believe you should do this year is vote. Vote for who you think will lead America into the future. The RNC is now over….and now we can look forward to the DNC.