Ron Paul

This year, the most imporant issue is, once again, the economy. Republican hopeful Mitt Romney has a strong economic record. President Barack Obama has a weaker one. Significantly weaker. However, Obama is much more charismatic and has a strong foreign policy record compared to Romney. So the polls will likely be neck-and-neck up until the election night. But I think a lot of stock should be placed in who Romney picks for his vice-president. If I was Romney, I would serioulsy consider choosing Ron Paul. Ron Paul, a House of Representatives member from Texas, is a libertarian. He’s extremely fiscally conservative but favors several issues that could bring in young voters for Romney-a demographic that President Obama scored extremely well in when he was first elected. Paul is also conservative enough to bring in more Tea Party voters to Romney. Paul is also an excellent debater, despite the limited time he was given during the campaign season. Paul’s supporters are some of the most die-hard supporters in the country. It’s a bit of a strecth but I wouldn’t be shocked to see Paul’s name called during the Republican National Convention at the end of the summer. Romney needs to make his pick very carefully. It is arugable that John McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin is what cost the Republicans the election in 2008. By picking a popular, conservative and likable candidate for his VP, Mitt Romney would significantly increase his chances of being elected.