Obama Immigration

Last week, President Barack Obama announced that 800,000 illegal immigrants would not be deported for the time being. These illegal immigrants are all the younger immigrants. As expected, questions are arising about the timing of this announcement. Obama already has a significant advantage with Latino voters. Will this help Obama with the upcoming election. It may, but that picture will be much more clear when Mitt Romney gets around to saying his immigration plan-and whether or not he chooses the appealing Marco Rubio as his vice presidential nominee. But back to the issue at hand. Obama’s announcement comes at a critical time for an election year. However, like with his gay marriage announcement earlier this year, there is little a President can do to make an issue like this not seem like it has an ulterior motive. But about the plan? Well, it is clear that immigration is a problem. But where are the solutions? How are we going to stop illegal immigration? There are 11 million illegal immigrants? Is it possible to deport all of them? But would it be fair? Approximately 2/3 of illegal immigrants are from Mexico, Guatemala and Ecuador. These countries are extremely dangerous. Mexico is in a middle of a drug war. Should we really send them back to that? We didn’t send any of the Cubans back when they fled their country during the Castro years. The jobs are a factor in this country. I get it. I want to get a job in my field when I graduate. Is there any solution? Well, it’s no big secret that the test to become a United States citizen is not easy. The qualifications aren’t easy. The test is extremely difficult. Should we make it easier to make these immigrants citizens? Most Americans would fail if they took the test. But about Obama saying that he won’t deport these immigrants is not soft. He’s deported more immigrants than George W. Bush did. This is a very difficult issue. If a immigrant has a green card, he or she can stay here legally. But many immigrants don’t go home after the card expires. How do we answer that? Hand out more green cards? This issue won’t go away from sometime.