Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox have struggled at the start of…Actually no. I am not going to be fair and balanced in this post. In my past posts, I have voiced my opinion but I have tried to make it seem more bipartisan. Luckily for me, this post will be about sports. And boy am I ever mad. I have never felt less optimistic at the start of a baseball season. We are 14 games into the Red Sox season. We are currently 4-10. That’s not too terrible. But how we are losing is how the Red Sox are losing. In the ten games the Red Sox have lost, only three were well pitched. We lost Opening Day to Justin Verlander and the Tigers. Okay, I didn’t exactly expect to win that one to begin with. We lost to the Blue Jays, 3-1. And we lost Patriots’ Game to the Tampa Bay Rays. However, the rest of the games we lost were either meh to embrassing. It is disgusting. The worst loss of the season came on Saturday. The Red Sox had a eight run lead going into the seventh. Felix Dubront had done his job, pitching well against the Yankees. Our bullpen then gives up fourteen runs in the seventh and eighth innings. This is absolutely disgusting. What bothers me is that the players seem like they could care less? I don’t care if the season just started. We need help. We won a big game last night. But it was against the abysmal Minnesota Twins. That game was a lot closer than it should have been. The best part of the game was seeing Cody Ross break out with two home runs. I like Ross. Good pick up there. But we need more work. Putting Bard back in the pen is not enough. This is going to be a long season and I think that the Red Sox need to start acting like winners if we want to be winners. No more of this “Waaah, I’m God’s gift to baseball.’ No. Focus up. Shut up. Hit the ball. Run like the wind.