James Cameron

Last Thursday, I went to see Titanic in 3D with my brother. I had never seen Titanic in full so I figured, might as well see it in a theater. That being said, I regret it. It’s not that Titanic was bad. It was good. I’m glad I got to see it in a theater. But I don’t know, I was just expecting so much more. I knew the boat sinking alone would be worth the price of admission. But it didn’t need to be re-released. It’s been 100 years since the sinking of Titanic. That’s why the film was re-released. For anybody who hasn’t seen Titanic, the story revolves around a young woman named Rose who falls in love with a poor boy named Jack after they meet on the fateful ocean liner called Titanic. Essentially, it’s a Romeo and Julliet story. On a boat. And the families aren’t trying to kill each other. That being said, the love story is boring. It doesn’t do much for me. Maybe I’m cynical but it’s not that great a story. Which leads me to my next point: James Cameron is the most overrated director on the planet. Cameron’s first major hit was Terminator. I saw Terminator and I hated it. Terminator was one of the worst action movies I had ever seen. I can’t imagine the sequels are any better. Cameron also directed Titanic. Now, Cameron did a remarkable job with the boat sinking. But as I watched the movie, I saw at least six other plot lines that could have told a more interesting story than the fictional one Cameron told. Bear in mind that there was a REAL J Dawson on the Titanic. The Dawson on the Titanic’s name was Joesph but moving on. Titanic is only revered as a classic for the same reason why the Twilight movies are: the love story. James Cameron also made Avatar. Again, an overrated film. Avatar was a great movie when I first saw it and is the only movie I saw three times in a theater. But Avatar was visually stunning. The plot was Pocahontas meets Disney’s Atlantis in space. Cameron is an overrated director. It’s not that he’s a bad director, but he’s just overrated. That’s all there is to it. Titanic in 3D is nothing special. If you haven’t seen it before, go see it. I think it’s one of those movies that should be shown on a large screen. I didn’t think it was the best movie ever.