Tebow vs Lin

For the past couple of weeks, the NBA has been buzzing about the New York Knicks’ Jeremey Lin. Lin has been starting for the Knicks for the past eight games. In that time, he has averaged 25 points and 9.5 assists a game. The Knicks have won seven of their last eight. This had started a lot of media attention. Some call it “Linsanity.” Jeremey Lin is an excellent point guard. But this reminds me of a guy called Tim Tebow. Remember him? Tebow is the quarterback for the Denver Bronchos and led his team to a divisional championship this past year. Tebow won several of his games either on the final drive in the fourth quarter or in overtime. When Tebow, a devout Christian, would win  a game, he would drop to the ground with his elbow on his knee and place his head on his hand. This is known as Tebowing. Tebow became a sensation with this and Tebowmania was born. This leads to the question: Who deserves more hype? Tebow or Lin? Let’s compare the stories

Lin: Age: 23; College: Harvard; Draft Pick: Undrafted; Jeremy Lin is the son of immigrants. He went undrafted after college. Not long ago, he was riding the bench. On February 4th, he was called off the bench early in the game. He scored 25 points. Since then, he has started every game. It is unprecedented what this kid is doing. I had never even heard of him until he was starting games.

Tebow: Age: 24 College: Florida; Draft Pick: 1st Round; 22nd pick. Accolades: Heisman Trophy; 2-time National Champion. Tebow was a star in college. Now, just because he was a star in college, does not mean that he would be  a star in the NFL. Tebow has been criticized for his passer rating, but was still able to win ball games and at one point won seven out of eight games. Tebow is a good football player. Tebow was also scrutinized because of his faith, something Lin has not had to deal with.

Both Lin and Tebow make great stories. But a story like Lin comes around a once-in-a-lifetime. Lin deserves the hype.