Jon Hunstman

And then there were five. With Jon Huntsman dropping out of the race for president, there are now five candidates who are competing to run on the Republican ticket against President Barack Obama this fall. Mitt Romney, who appears to be the front runner, was endorsed by Huntsman after he suspended his campaign. Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul are the other candidates running for the ticket.

Now, I liked Huntsman. It doesn’t surprise me at all that he dropped out of the race. He could never really get enough support from Republicans. Perhaps it was because he was Obama’s ambassador to China. Perhaps it was because he didn’t have the name recognition. Perhaps it was because he didn’t run his campaign well. Huntsman did make a questionable decision by skipping the Iowa caucus to focus on the New Hampshire primary. All I know is, I liked Huntsman. I doubt he’d be the eventual nominee’s choice for vice president seeing how poorly he did. However, it would not surprise me to see him have a cabinet position, assuming of course the Republicans take back the White House. If Huntsman had won the Republican nomination, I would have considered voting for him. He had experience, was willing to compromise and I agreed with some of his ideas. I don’t know if Huntsman could have beat Obama though. Now, for the final five Republicans, all I have to say is may the best man win.