Get help, Bieber

Campbell’s Corner has tried to stay away from semi-talented artists who do stupid, stupid things. The Maine Edge’s Celebrity Slam is much better at that. But this one is just too good to pass up. Justin Bieber, teen heartthrob and multi-platinum recording ‘artist’-which is really straining a definition, has been arrested in Florida on drunk driving charges, drug charges and resisting arrest charges. This may seem unimportant or you may wonder ‘who cares’, but Bieber’s idiocy finally catching up with him, is, in fact, news. One more thing. Bieber is, at this point, innocent until proven guilty. So, even if the evidence is overwhelming, we still have to use the words ‘allegedly.’

There are six criteria for something to be considered news. You will see that, while you may not like, Bieber’s arrest is news.

Impact-does this affect people? If so, how many? While Bieber’s arrest certainly does not affect the average citizen, this could do serious damage to his ‘image’ and parents of his fans would certainly-I hope anyway-want to stop their children from buying his music and going to his concerts.

Conflict-does this story have two opposing sides? Assuming this incident doesn’t go to court, there isn’t much conflict here. But if it does, expect this story to stick around for quite a while.

Prominence-is this story about somebody who people care about-While I think most people who read about Bieber will be laughing all the way to bank, he is, for some reason which I cannot yet figure out, a celebrity. A famous person. Because of our insane fixation of celebrities, anything Bieber does, people will read about.

Proximity-how does this story -okay, Bieber getting arrested in Florida isn’t proximate. But you can be sure, there is likely a teenage girl crying her eyes out within 10 miles of your given location.

Timely-is this story recent? Bieber was arrested less than 24 hours ago. That makes it specially timely.

Uniqueness-is this story unusual for some reason? Is it a one-of-a-kind thing? Nope, but the other criteria match, so Bieber’s arrest is indeed newsworthy.

On a more serious note, Bieber getting arrested is a very good thing. He was allegedly drunk. He’s 19. He was allegedly using marijuana and prescription drugs. He was drag-racing a Lamborghini. This was so stupid and so dangerous that it’s about time somebody stopped him from hurting somebody else. He could have killed somebody. He didn’t though. This is the latest in a series of more and more irritating and serious offenses by this so-called pop star. Earlier this month, police were summoned to survey damage that Bieber allegedly may have caused to a neighbor’s house in California by egging it. Bieber has also been pulled over many times for numerous driving incidents. This should be a huge wake-up call that things can’t keep going like the way they are. If Bieber really did what he is being charged with, then he needs help. He needs it fast and he needs it now. He’s about to go downhill very fast unless he gets the help he needs. Get help, Bieber. I personally hate your music and your bad attitude. But seriously, kid. Get help. Before it’s too late.