Good season, good season…

Well, the Patriots lost in their second consecutive American Football Conference Championship game. This time it was to the great Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos who took out Tom Brady and advance to their first Super Bowl since 1990. Denver will be taking on the Seattle Seahawks, who defeated the San Francisco 49ers by the score of 23-17 in the National Football Conference Championship game. People are upset, but this loss needs to be put into some perspective. We lost to a Hall of Famer. Peyton Manning is one of THE GREATEST QUARTERBACKS to ever live. I work in retail so I generally make small talk about whatever sport is the most popular-Bruins, Red Sox, Patriots or Celtics, when they actually do something halfway decent. Most of our shoppers were looking forward to the game but were also looking forward to a game played by two great quarterbacks. It didn’t work out the way we wanted but we should still hold our heads up high.

I like to win. I have lived in Maine since 2004, but I have been very spoiled as all sports fans of the Boston teams in the area have for the past decade. The Red Sox won the World Series about six weeks after I moved to Maine. The Patriots had just won 3 of the past 4 Super Bowls. The Boston Red Sox then won the World Series in 2007. Then the Boston Celtics won the NBA Finals in 2008-which I happily rubbed in my family’s face during my vacation in California. Then, right after I graduated high school in 2011, the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup. The Sox also won the World Series in 2013. Besides though times, the Celtics and the Bruins both made it to their championship series and the Patriots went to the Super Bowl twice. This means that even our boys don’t win, we get really close, year after year. I like winning, but we are spoiled. We act like it’s the worst thing ever if our team doesn’t win it all. There are so many teams that are not as lucky as we are. Literally, every other sports town would be elated to have their four major sports teams have the success that Boston has had.

Let Denver have their day. They earned their spot in the finals. I am a Patriots fan. I have not yet seen them win a Super Bowl while living in Maine. I have come close. Twice. But I still will continue to watch the Patriots. I’ll be watching the Super Bowl this year. I will cheer for the Broncos. Why? Because I like the Broncos. I am a sports fan before I am a fan of any individual team. I like Peyton Manning-he’s like Derek Jeter. I can not dislike him anymore. We are so blessed to see two far and away great talents in him and Brady. We don’t get to see this very often. Maybe once every decade or so. Good luck Denver, you beat us fair and square. You’ve earned my respect. It was a great season and we came such a long way. I’ll give an early prediction of the Super Bowl….

Denver: 28 Seattle:17