Veterans Day-For Veterans and Active-Duty Members

If you or somebody you know is a veteran today, thank you. Thank you for giving so much to protect our country. Even if you didn’t ‘fight in battle,’ I thank you for being willing to serve. Thank you to those who were drafted because I know you didn’t get the respect you deserved then and what we do now does not make up for it.

I love the reason why we celebrate veterans. It cannot be an easy life, being so far away from friends and family. None of us who have not served can imagine what it must be like. I’m not a veteran. I was not a military brat. I won’t even pretend to know what it’s like. I do know a few people who are currently serving. My sister and my best friend are both in the Navy. A neighbor who grew up down the street is in the Marines. My grandfather was a World War II veteran as was my great-uncle, who later became a popular judge.

Veterans Day is the day we step aside and honor those who protected us from evil. I will always respect the veterans who risked everything for us. I don’t think we appreciate them nearly enough. One day out of the year shouldn’t cut it. I don’t want to say ‘Thank you for your service’ only on Veterans Day. I try to say it as often as possible and as appropriate as the situation dictates. It’s the least I can do. When my best friend comes home on leave in a couple of weeks, I want to make sure he knows how much I and the rest of our friends appreciate what he does for us.

There is one point I want to talk about. I’m not an expert so please, bare with me for a minute. It occurs to me that America has two holidays to honor veterans. Veterans Day is generally considered for those living non-active or retired members of the military. Memorial Day is for those who died in battle. Depending on who you ask, people honor loved ones who have served but have since passed away on either day. I think I do it on both.

But, since I know many of us know people who are currently serving, it makes me think we should celebrate them more. I think we use Veterans Day to honor them too. Technically, we have Armed Forces Day in May for that, but not as many people recognize it, and I’m certainly guilty of it too. I mentioned earlier that my best friend and my sister are both currently active. Today should be a day where we not only honor the veterans, we should honor those serving too. The veterans did their job protecting the country and now the active members are. We need to thank them both. After everything they’ve done, it’s the least that we can do. God Bless the Veterans. God Bless the Active Duty. God Bless America.