Red Sox Division Champs!!!!!!!


The Boston Red Sox have won the American League East Division! This is unprecedented. Back in my pre-season prediction, I predicted that the Red Sox would not be able to compete in this division and that we would finish in last place. Well, I have never been so glad to be proven wrong. This team is a very special team. The Red Sox beat the Toronto Blue Jays, who were World Series favorites by many in the beginning of the season, tonight by the final score of 6-3. This clinched the division. My, oh my, have the tables turned. I never would have dreamed of having a Red Sox season go this well after everything that happened in 2012. The Sox were…well, let’s not relive just how awful they were. But, they made changes. They ditched that completely incompetent manager called Bobby Valentine. They traded for John Farrell. Genius move. Farrell was the pitching coach of the Sox for several years. By bringing him back, we gave him back to Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz. Both of them had complete turnaround years, Buchholz’s three-month injury not-with-standing. The Red Sox did not make any major record-breaking deals over the winter. Shane Victorino. Mike Napoli. Johnny Gomes. Stephen Drew? Drew, Napoli and Victorino were thought to be past-prime All Stars. Gomes is a journeyman. But it worked. Victorino had a great year. Napoli and Drew returned to become excellent addictions. Gomes has had several game winning hits, proving to be an invaluable asset. Then, at the trade deadline, the Sox took a huge risk and traded away rookie shortstop Jose Iglesias to Detroit. In a three-way trade, the Sox acquired a new starting pitcher: Jake Peavey. Peavey loved his new team and has thrived. David Ortiz, Daniel Nava and Dustin Pedroia all had great years. This team has a new hero every night. And that’s what a winning team does.

I am so glad to see the Sox do this well. When I moved to Maine in 2004, I saw all of my classmates who were fans have their dreams come true when the Red Sox won the World Series. I was happy and I had wanted the Sox to win but I wasn’t a fan. When I moved to the Bangor area, it dawned on me that if I wanted to have something to talk about, I should start watching sports. So, over the next several years, I started following the Patriots, the Sox, the Celtics, and the Bruins. 2007 is the year I decided that I would go all in to be a Red Sox fan. I did and we won the World Series. However, because of all the success the Sox have had, and all of the success the Celtics, the Bruins and the Patriots have had, last year was the first time I was ever really disappointed in how my team performed. But this year, this team, gave life back to Boston. I am so happy about what the Sox have done. Now, we are on our way to October baseball. And I can’t wait to see what happens next. Keep it up, Boston. I want to see my third baseball championship. And thank you.