In Memorial-One year later

This will be a short post. There will a longer post in the next few days about the Red Sox and anything that might come up. But today is different. Today marks one year since my perspective on life changed.

On September 19, 2012, I remember walking downstairs after a class at the New England School of Communications. I logged on to one of the computers in a lab. I checked Facebook. And that’s when I saw the first of many posts that day. RIP Owen. I saw another one and I covered my mouth in horror. It turned out that Owen Krause, a boy in the junior class at John Bapst Memorial High School, had died. He was 16. He was driving to school. It was raining….and the rest does not need to be said. Many of my friends knew him and were absolutely heartbroken.

I never knew Owen personally. I was three years ahead of him. Seniors and freshmen don’t have classes together. However, I did have several mutual friends with Owen. I knew our paths probably crossed at some point my senior year. But his death had an enormous impact. I wish I had known Owen. I never did and from what everybody who did know him has told me, he was an amazing person. I changed a little bit of my personality after Owen passed. For one, I take even more time to make sure I go the speed limit when I drive. Owen wasn’t speeding. He wasn’t texting or using his cell phone and he still died. How is that fair? He wasn’t doing anything wrong. I never text or used my cell phone before the accident. And now I still don’t text or use my cell phone when I drive. I don’t speed. After what happened, I don’t even what to contemplate the risk. It’s not worth it. I have a reason for driving safely. As you all should.

RIP Owen

You are missed