Baseball 2013! Part 2: AL Central

Sorry for the late post, Been really busy lately, let’s get to it:

The AL Central is a one team race. It’s the Tigers and everybody else. Clearly, the Indians and the Royals are getting closer but the Twins are a joke and the White Sox aren’t good enough to beat the Tigers. So, going more in depth:

1) Detroit Tigers: This is a joke. Really, the Tigers are easily the best team in the division. Justin Verlander is the best pitcher on the planet, the galaxy and quite possible the dimensions. He is the runner-up to the AL Cy Young Award and is still only 30 years old. This guy is the legit pitcher. I have never seen anybody like this guy. Verlander is a serious threat to throw a no-hitter every time he steps on that mound. And the Tigers also have Miguel Cabrera. Cabrera did nothing last year except win a little something called the Triple Crown. He was rewarded with the MVP. The Tigers also have Prince Fielder and Max Scherzer. There is no reason why the Tigers shouldn’t be playing October baseball. Though he’s past his prime, it’ll be good to see Torii Hunter in action for an excellent team.

2) Cleveland Indians: No this is not a joke. I think the Indians are going to surprise a lot of teams this year. They have a new manager: Terry Francona. What did Franconca do the first year he was with a new team? He won the World Series. The Indians are not the 2004 Red Sox. Everything will need to go right. The good news for the Indians is that they have potential in pitching. Justin Masterson is not an ace, but he is solid. He was terrible last year, but he has the stuff. Chris Perez is a good closer and he will hopefully get over this arm issue he just got during Spring Training. Nick Swisher, Michael Bourn and Mark Reynolds will lead the offense. Swisher is a good outfielder, not fantastic-but he is a great clubhouse guy. Mark Reynolds hits home runs….and that’s about it. Michael Bourn hits decently and runs like the wind. The Indians are legitimate threats but are a pitcher or two away.

3) Chicago White Sox: The White Sox are good. But the Indians got better. The White Sox has an average offense. They have Paul Konerko at first base. But that’s not enough. The White Sox have a good pitcher in Chris Sale, because some genius decided that he shouldn’t be wasting his life in the bullpen. Jake Peavey has surprised a lot of people, but I think he will continue to do well in the AL Central. Apart from that, the White Sox are an average team at best.

4) Kansas City Royals: The Kansas City Royals are going to be a good team. Not a great team, but a good one. Problem is the Indians are going to be too good that Kansas City will not be able to compete this year. But the Royals do have some great players. Billy Butler is a great DH. James Shields will anchor the pitching staff. Ervin Santana, I am predicting to have a bounce back year with a new change of scenery. Offensively, Mike Moustakas will continue to mature at catcher. The Royals have solid players at the rest of the positions but no superstars. The Royals will finish above .500 this year.

5) Minnesota Twins: How does a team with Joe Mauer suck so much? If the team has nothing else. The Twins have no offense other than Mauer and Josh Willingham. Both are good, but neither is great. Justin Mourneau has been injured for the majority of the last two years. The Twins have an dreadful pitching staff. Look on the bright side Minnesota…you still have….nothing. Sorry.