The Case Against Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton is the top free agent on the market this year for baseball. He is a former MVP, a five-time All-Star, one of the top hitters in the game. And now he can go to any team he wants. And I want the Red Sox to have nothing to do with him. Hamilton is a great guy. One of the best in the game. But I do not think he fits in with the Red Sox. The Red Sox finished in last place last year. That’s not going to change anytime soon unless we make some moves. However, Josh Hamilton is not the answer. Hamilton has some major problems. He is going to be 32. That means he is getting older. True, he will not likely have a major decline. But at the end of the contract he wants, he’ll be in his late 30s. That’s risky. Hamilton also has one of the greatest stories in the history of the sport. Hamilton was a Number 1 Draft pick. Then he fell to drugs and alcohol. He spent three years out of baseball, suspended for his habits. He got clean, fought like mad to get back, and became one of the most popular figures in the game. But Boston is a dangerous place. It might be harder for him to fight his habit in a bigger city. Another issue is that Hamilton’s mentality. Can he handle the media scrutiny from this team? The fans-and I am one of them-can be very fickle. If you fall into a slump, we get angry. If you don’t produce, we get angry. The Texas Rangers fans were brutal to Hamilton for missing the playoffs. Imagine what could happen if he came here? I would rather the Red Sox focus on the rest of the mess of the team. We have our second baseman in Dustin Pedroia. I’ve heard rumors that the Sox are trying to extend his contract. Do it. There are only two regular All-Star second basemen in the American League and the Red Sox are beyond lucky to have one of them. Third base goes to Will Middlebrooks who would have contended for the Rookie of the Year if he hadn’t gotten hurt in August. We have our catchers in David Ross, Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Ryan Lavarnway. First base is a mystery. So is shortstop. Centerfield goes to Jacoby Ellsbury. Our pitching staff is a joke. Don’t sign Josh Hamilton. He’s one of my favorite players in the sport and I will continue to support him in his career and his eventual induction into the Hall of Fame-just watch, he may not have the best numbers of all time, but he still has plenty of time. He just doesn’t fit with the direction the Red Sox need to go in.