The race is now over. President Barack Obama will win a second term and serve four more years as leader of the United States. And almost immediately after Obama won, they came. The petty comments about the race being rigged/liberals being stupid/Obama sucking/Romney should have won.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get down to business. This race was a close one-not a nailbitter but not a wide win either. I have seen many ignorant social media postings in the last twenty-four hours. Stop it. Do you honestly believe that the best way to get America back on top is to whine and moan about it? Seriously, come on. We all complain about what isn’t happening in America, and then we whine about when we don’t get our way once we vote? Seriously? Come on. Romney. Obama. Democrats. Republicans. Libertarians. Greens. The time has come to work together. If we wonder why the nation is so divided, look no further than your Facebook feed. Friends are against friends. Family are against family. It’s not good that this is happening. We need to set aside our differences. That’s how we need to get America back on top. But what do I see when I go to Facebook? What do I see when I see my friends posts? Apart from a few, well thought, posts wishing Obama luck despite their political differences, most I see are the stereotypical responses. These comments are neither mature nor are they beneficial. I respect that people have different opininos. But let’s show some class.

On a second note, I am proud to say I voted in my first presidential election. I spent the night at the New England School of Communications working at the radio station completing newscasts to report for the general public. It was very exciting to see the results come in. It kept us busy from the start and I look forward to covering more elections as the years go by.

There are a few election results I don’t feel qualms about sharing. I have to say that I am very proud that Maine has voted to legalize gay marriage. It makes me very happy to know that my friends who are gay and lesbian will now be able to marry. I have felt for years that it was not fair to see them being treated as if they weren’t as human as heterosexual couples. Now, that’s a thing of the past. I am also proud to see that Edward Youngblood will be returning to the Maine Senate. I like Youngblood. I like how he works for both sides of the political spectrum and I was friends with one of his grandsons for many years. It will be an honor to have him serve my Senate District. I am also happy to see that Mike Michaud will be returning to Washington. I understand that the incumbents are part of the problem in D.C. Howevr, Michaud has shown consistently that he supports many of our views. He’s the one who lead the charge that military shoes should be made in America. He voted NO on the Stop Online Piracy Act-showing his resolve not to find easy solutions. I am glad to send him off to Washington.

This election will go down in the record books (Not that any election doesn’t). I am proud to have voted this year and even more proud to have been given the chacne to cover it. I can’t wait to see what happens next.