Nostalgia Critic

I’m not expecting to get too many views on this article. But it seemed wrong for me not to make a posting for this. This weekend, a piece of me died. My heart broke when an announcement was made over the Internet. This weekend, my favorite Internet personality Doug Walker announced that he was ending his long running comedy, The Nostalgia Critic. 

Doug Walker, a comedian from Chicago, is best known for his website, On this website are dozens of web-shows and personalities that talk about various television shows, movies, video games and other forms of mass media. Perhaps the show’s most famous segment is the Nostalgia Critic. For the past four years, Walker performed a weekly show where he dressed up as a cranky, crude, critic who reviewed movies and television shows from his past. Hence the name, the Nostalgia Critic. The joke of the show was that a vast majority of the reviews were terrible. Beyond terrible. His tagline was: “Hello, I’m the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it so you don’t have to.” Walker, along with his brother Robert, wrote over two hundred episodes. The movies ranged from decent movies, such as Hook, to some of the worst movies ever made, such as The Legend of the Titanic. The reviews were always hysterical.

I remember discovering the Nostalgia Critic one day when I was a senior in high school. I was on YouTube watching the song Hellfire from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I saw several comments saying “Thumbs up if Nostalgia Critic sent you here.” I decided to check out what this “Nostalgia Critic” was all about. Then, I fell in love. The Critic had made a list of the best villain songs. Hellfire was number 1. For the next two years, I watched as much of the Critic as I could. I saw him review some of my favorite movies. The reviews always made my day. A little bit of happiness in the sad world that we lived in. When Doug announced that he was ending the Critic’s character over the weekend, fans from all over the world went to his fan page to personally thank him for all of the work he had done for the show over the past four years. It is incredibly bittersweet to have to say good-bye to the Nostalgia Critic. It’s like when your favorite television show is cancelled on television. You never knew how much of your life was part of it. But the time is right. Doug is ending the show to move on to new projects. More elaborate projects. He and his team just bought a new studio. They’ll be developing a new show called “Demo Reel.” I personally can’t wait to see what they can come up with. Happy trails, Doug. Thanks for the past four years. Thanks for the laughs. Thanks for the memories. And I speak for all the fans, when I wish you the best of luck with the new show. And most of all, thank you for remembering.