Boston Celtics

With an excellent win over the Miami Heat, the Boston Celtics are now just one win away from reaching the NBA Finals. How well will they do? Well, let’s just worry about the Heat. Game 6 is tomorrow night in Boston. I believe the Celtics will win this game for a few reasons. Reason Number 1 is obviously, home-court advantage. There is an unofficial rule that the home team generally does better in games, praticularly during the playoffs. Reason Number 2 is that the Celtics are riding a three-game win streak momentum into this crucial game. Reason Number 3 is that Lebron James is not a good playoff basketball player. Last night, James had 30 points. Good for him. But the playoffs aren’t about a single player. That is something Lebron hasn’t realized yet. In that game, he only had two assists. 2. James has been criticized by many, including myself, for being a ball-hog. The Heat need James, Chris Bosh and DeWayne Wade to all step up if they want to win Game 6. The Celtics want this more than the Heat. I think that it will be a well-fought game and go done to the wire. But the Celtics will not be beat. Not at home. Not by the Miami Heat. The Celtics have one more championship run in them. And this is our year.