Donald Trump

For the past few days, Donald Trump has been in the news again. For the second year in a row, Trump, a conservative businessman from New York, has claimed that President Barack Obama is not a citizen of the United States. Commonly called a “birther,” Trump is using the spotlight for himself and taking it away from where it should be in Mitt Romney. Romney is the now the presumptive GOP nominee for this fall. But where is all of the media attention. On Trump and his foolishness. If the Republicans are going to retake the White House, they need to focus on important issues and distant themselves. President Obama is a United States citizen. His mother was a natural-born citizen from Kansas. His father was a Kenyan. But President Obama was born in Hawaii. Period. Not only has Obama released his birth certificate, Obama could not have been elected President if he was not a citizen. Somebody would have found out. Somebody would have said something. It would cost billions to keep a secret like that quiet. People are also forgetting that Obama had to run against Hillary Clinton in order to become President in the first place. The Clintons are the single-most powerful political machine since the Kennedys. The Clintons would have found something if Obama was not a citizen. When somebody says that Obama is not a citizen, this creates a problem, not just for the people who have to listen to it. The ‘birther’ will be labeled a racist. Are they or aren’t they is not important. But one does have to think. If Obama was white, would there be any birther nonsense? Would there be any problems if he didn’t have a Islam name? It is sickening that we are wasting our times on frivilous issues such as these. What should these people be talking about? Jobs. The economy. The crisis in Syria. Student financial aid. Social Security. Health care. Literally, anything else would be more prevalient to talk about in times like these. But, here we are, still talking about the stupid birth certificate.