Boston Sports-Celtics and Sox

It’s been a while since I made any posts. Let’s talk about some sports.

The Boston Red Sox have been doing quite well lately. They have now reached the .500 level. We are currently at the bottom of our division. This needs to change. Soon. It has not been very much fun to watch them this season. It seems to me that most of the players care more about their paychecks than they do about the team. One in praticular is Josh Beckett. Maybe this would have made more sense a couple weeks ago. But Josh Beckett skipped a start. Two days earlier, on the Red Sox’s off day, he was photographed golfing with Clay Buchholz. Then he takes a day off? Seriously? Honestly, I want Beckett off the team. I think Beckett’s nothing. Nothing except a waste of God-given talent. He’s been given a gift. He was the second pick of his draft back in the 1990s. I love seeing this Will Middlebrooks kid play. He can hit. He can field. He can hit for power and he can throw. He will be the third baseman of the Red Sox for the next five years. At least. Youkilis’ time is ending soon. Hopefully,


The Celtics are in the middle of a very compettive Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. Game Seven is tomorrow night and I believe the Celtics will win. The Celtics are not going to lose to an 8th seeded team. Period. The game will be played at home in Boston. The Celtics are 20-7 when playing Game 7s. There is no way they will lose after coming so far since the All-Star Break. The Celtics will be facing the Heat in the Finals which will start next week. The Celtics will beat the Heat who have not faced a difficult oppenent yet in the playoffs. They cruised to the semi-finals to play the Pacers and the only reason the series went to six games was the injury to Chris Bosh.

I might as well throw in a bit of local sports. I look forward to seeing Max Andrews play for the University of Maine this season. Andrews, a senior at John Bapst Memorial High School, and I went to middle school and high school together. We also took the same bus for years. I just think it’s gonna be a lot of fun seeing a childhood friend playing Division 1 football.