Two years ago, President Barack Obama passed the Affordable Health Care Act. Almost immediately, there was intense controversy over one of the mandates of the bill. Americans will be required to buy health insurance. If not, they will face a penalty. A lot of people have said that this is an attack on our liberties, that we will lose our freedoms if this bill is not ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. I am not one of these people. People are claiming that it is unconstitutional from the start. This is not true. The Affordable Health Care Act will only be unconstitutional if the Supreme Court says it is. That’s how the Judicial Branch works. Their word is law. I like this bill. I like how the President is actually doing fixing what has been broken for years: Our healthcare system. Personally, I would like universal health care, for the government to cover all of America’s medical bills. But let me ask you. What is so wrong will having health insurance? What if something happened? Health insurance is a good thing. Our personal liberties are not going anywhere. The last time I checked, America was still a great nation. We’ve been struggling for a while. There’s no way to deny that. But America will become great. We have free speech. We have free press. We have the right to petition peacefully. We have freedom of religion. We have what so few other countries have. The American Dream is not dead yet. Obama is not out to ruin the country. I don’t think any politician whose views I don’t agree or agree with is out to ruin the country. They’re just trying to make the country better. Personally, if everyone has health insurance, I really don’t see what the big deal is. What would be next? Your freedoms are defined by the Constitution. They are not going away. And if you are against the buying of healthcare, I respect that. People call Obama Socialist for this plan, among other things. Let me just ask: What’s so wrong with wanting everyone to be able to afford healthcare?