Republican Field

With Super Tuesday come and gone, I’ve been thinking about who the Republican nominee will be. It’s hard to say. I think it could go down to the wire. Romney has a little more than one third of the delegates required to secure the GOP nomination. There are 27 states left. Is it enough? Will the GOP find a candidate? The answer I believe is no. I personally believe that we will have to wait until August for the convention. Of the four left, there are only two viable candidates. Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney. Ron Paul consistently polls around 10%. I don’t really see that changing. Newt Gingrich’s campaign is in turmoil and he will likely drop out if he doesn’t win any of the next few races. In praticular, Speaker Gingrich’s campagin has said that if they don’t win Alamba OR Mississippi, it’d be it. Therefore, that leaves Congressman Santorum and Governor Romney. The Gingrich votes would go to Santorum. The Paul votes probably wouldn’t go anywhere if Paul chooses to drop out. The only logical choice fore the Republicans is to either go to the convention and pick a moderate. Congressman Santourm has made many remarks that are offensive and alienate liberals. I just can’t see him picking up the disgruntled liberal vote. In fact, many liberals believe that if Santorum wins the nomination, that President Obama would win easily. Romney stands a reasonable chance but needs to start branching out more. Personally, I believe this has been an ugly race for the GOP nomination. It makes for good journalism but still. If I was the GOP, I’d try to unite behind a single candidate.