Review of Daywalker

I have a friend called Zachary Forbes who wants to be a director when he grows up. I met him a couple years back and he recently finished his latest project. I decided I would review it for this blog. For those who want to watch the movie, click the link at the end of the video.

Forbes’ latest project is a zombie movie. For some reason, zombie movies are doing rather well right now. I’m not entirely sure why. The story starts off with a girl bullying a boy in her class for being a “ginger.” The “ginger” becomes a zombie. As do most of the other students in the school. The bully is the only one who doesn’t become a zombie because she didn’t eat the contaminated cafeteria food. This was actually a good zombie movie. I like the acting. The lighting was good. The camera work was great as was the makeup. Is it a bit predictable? Yeah, but all monster movies are, aren’t they? Check out the video, it’s worth a watch.