Red Sox: Extend Jon Lester

Dear Red Sox, You won the World Series in 2013, something that has still not yet sunk in because it was one of the most magical seasons in recent memory-it feels like a dream. That being said, you are in a … Continue reading

Get help, Bieber

Campbell’s Corner has tried to stay away from semi-talented artists who do stupid, stupid things. The Maine Edge’s Celebrity Slam is much better at that. But this one is just too good to pass up. Justin Bieber, teen heartthrob and … Continue reading

Lone Survivor Review

Better late than never. Going to see movies based on true stories has become a bit of a habit of mine over the past few years-namely, American history. Some were great-Argo-and some left a lot to be desired-My friends and … Continue reading

Good season, good season…

Well, the Patriots lost in their second consecutive American Football Conference Championship game. This time it was to the great Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos who took out Tom Brady and advance to their first Super Bowl since 1990. … Continue reading

Red Sox 2014

It has just been announced that the Boston Red Sox World Series trophy will be making its way to Maine by the end of the month. Hmmm, I should really find my camera….David Ross, back-up catcher for the champion Sox, … Continue reading

Schoolboy-A Critique

I just read a blog post from Susan Dench about how schoolboys aren’t being allowed to be treated like men and how they’re becoming more like women. If you haven’t seen it already, I’ll post the link here- Now, while I’m still growing … Continue reading

The ‘War on Christmas’

There’s been quite a bit of news regarding Christmas trees, holiday parades and what Mainers display in recent weeks. Some say that there is a war on Christmas, saying that liberals want to make everything P.C. Some people get offended when … Continue reading